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The bible code, the bible code and numbers

The bible code on this site is a code coming from the analysis of the Hebrew text which reveals the fundamental properties of numbers. The properties are particularly simple, amazing, indisputable and accessible to all. We would add that they are intriguing. The bible code or the bible code and numbers illustrated on page 1 will be revealed by showing the numbers that are hidden by round spots and their inter-relations.

In all current literature on the bible and numbers or on a bible code there is nothing that is precise or obvious. One therefore has to spend a lot of time reading or going through numerous documents or book and in the end this comes to nothing.

With regards to a bible code, most information given is about a method of statistical analysis of equidistant letters in the text of the bible in Hebrew (eg taking all the letters spaced out by 10 letters to see which word is obtained, and the same thing for other different intervals). This method was made popular by Michael Drosnin's best seller "The bible and the secret code". This method is questioned, it is neither clear nor obvious, it is a mental construction and one has to have a good knowledge of Hebrew. The method can be carried out by computer and by hand research is impossible.

Moreover, concerning the bible and numbers and a possible bible code, there is a great amount of literature comparing letters and numbers, eg A=1, B=2 etc... one often speaks of cabala, this technique is widespread in the ancient traditions : Greek, Arabic, Latin. It is only really useful if it is possible to go further, but this is rarely the case.

There are also methods of analysis of the text of the bible by counting the number of identical words in a chapter or in a given text. Thus in Genesis chapter 1, God is mentioned 35 times, which is a multiple of 7 (7 times 5= 35). Nothing concrete results from this method on a possible bible code, it is a means of finding a bible code if one exists.

The main interest of the bible code, bible code and numbers explained on this website is to lead to a progressive revelation of a real secret code of the bible and numbers which is obvious for everyone, while reconstructing the different links that are not detectable in the text of the bible during a normal reading.

One realizes that the text can be read in another way, which does not change the normal reading but which gives a new meaning in relation to numbers and their properties. The bible follows its own code. No intellectual construction is required: it is the writing of the bible and the numbers that reveals the bible's own code. This code is already in the first word, which reveals a generic code.

Genesis chapter 1 describes the creation in 6 days. In addition we find the properties of 6 on other levels. The creation is completed on the seventh day, which is mentioned with God three times because the repetition by three is necessary to define the first code which reveals the organization of the bible code, bible code and numbers.

The bible code, bible code and numbers thus revealed by the illustration on page 1 of shows a first property of binary and ternary complementarity linked to numbers.

The initial understanding of the bible code and numbers is really very simple, even for children. A manual analysis is sufficient, there is no need for a computer, or to have a superior intelligence, just to be able to count is enough. On the other hand, to come to conclusions and to go further, it is preferable, or even necessary, to know the fundamental properties of numbers known by the ancients. These amazing and magic properties are easily generated by anyone who knows how to count. It is the first principle of creation by numbers that can be called modular harmony with modular calculation. These properties can be taught to everyone, at all levels, from a very early age. As for most things, the bases are simple but practice is needed.

The general method reveals a perfect logic for studying in all fields of human sciences and exact sciences. A fundamental question, among so many others, is to know how to modelize in a simple way, the first principle of the code of DNA. No need to search, the answer is already there. The answer is clear and obvious by the modular calculation. The answer is there for all to see in one of the most well-known games in the world.
Generally speaking, one can say that modular harmony, modular calculation is very enjoyable for everyone with the possibility of doing rapid calculations. One can play infinitely.
Coming back to the subjet of the bible code, bible code and numbers, you could say that the same logic of so-called modular harmony enables the deciphering of ancient data and leads to small and large discoveries in the main ancient cultures: Middle East, Egypt, India, Tibet, China. All these cultures regarded as sacred the numeration base of 10 and what ensues from it. All specialists of ancient cultures from an archeological point of view and on ancient writings will be stuck as long as they don't have the basic knowledge and practice of modular calculation and numbers. There are good reasons to think that the famous Chinese book of transformation (the Yi-King) was influenced and even generated by modular calculation. To have no knowledge of modular calculation is to have a deficiency or a major blockage. Thus we have the ignorance of a fundamental logic of creation and interpretation. Even if philosophical thought cannot do without it, it is like a world without music.
At present, even the most recent scientific journals spread basic information on numbers which is erroneous. These same errors are circulated and taught on a large scale in general education.
The choice of the numeration base of 10 was made sacred maybe 2500-3000 years ago or more because of its properties of resonance with the binary of ternary systems. The numeration base of 12 has a basic fault. Regarding the number 7 as sacred, as well as other numbers in the bible and in other ancient texts, came as a consequence (con-sequences) of the numeration base of 10.
To be continued.
The above text contains deliberate repetitions so as to improve the access to this site by search engines. It's not sure that this will work, but it's worth a try. At present, if you type keywords such as bible, code, numbers, etc... you get a whole lot of literature that doesn't lead to anything. It is the same thing with Google or Wikipedia. If people are doing thorough work on a bible code, bible code and numbers, you cannot find their references, you know nothing and you are inundated by endless useless information that pollutes the information you are looking for!!!!
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To be continued...
In no case does the above text contradict all the different analyses of biblical and sacred texts according to the classical readings. On the contrary, there is a wide debate initiated by the creationists, which can be enlightened by the existence of a bible code, bible code and numbers. The writing of the bible may have been influenced by the existence of a framework that supports the text...
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