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Golden Number

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The bible code : The Golden Number

The geometrical figure shown above represents the symbol of the Golden Ratio "φ". Look carefully at the diagram. lt is made up of two equilateral triangles. The sides of the small triangle are aligned with the vertices of the large triangle. The two triangles are linked by a circle which is tangent to the large triangle and circumscribes the small triangle. The link with the circle allows us to easily calculate that the large triangle is exactly twice the size of the small triangle.

We then obtain the number φ as indicated in the diagram, as well as its inverse 1/φ. ln addition, we can find the value of √2 as indicated in the diagram. The properties of the Golden Ratio and its association with the Fibonacci sequence have been the subject of a wealth of material in the Arts and Sciences since the time of the Ancient Greeks. These properties can be found in nature, in the growth of plants, the structure of flowers, etc ... Recent scientific research has shown the existence of a Golden Ratio in the interior of the atom. One should bear in minci that the Golden Ratio is the ratio of two values and in this case it is represented by the ratio AC/BC.

This Golden Ratio Symbol brings a new vision of the Golden Ratio in addition to the golden rectangle and the five-pointed pentagon star and associated triangle. lt raises numerous questions: vibratory influence in bioenergy, variations of superficial pulse, vibratory physics, etc ... The energy of the symbol is good as it represents a sacred harmonie link between 1, √2, √3, √4(2), √5,φ ... We can also consider that the Golden Ratio Symbol is constructed from 3 small triangles identical to the triangle ACD which are juxtaposed and whose sides are φ, 1/φ, 2 and whose largest angle is 120°, the sum of the two sides making up this angle being √5 (φ+1/φ). This Golden Ratio Symbol is an initial principle of pure mathematical harmony.

Its attributes are "Truth and Love" for those who search truth and harmony.

Note: The Golden Ratio can be indirectly linked ta the Tibetan rosary "Mala", stemming from Hinduism, by the number of beads "108" (trilogy 108-109-110), an important number in Oriental texts (lndia, China, Tibet).

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